About Us

On The Dock came about as a drive to combine true marine professionals to represent our clients on their purchase and sale needs.

Boats in general are complicated machines and the difference between an educated salesperson and someone who is just plain selling a boat is very different.  We take pride in being educated and knowledgable so that we are true marine professionals. We are unique in that we can oversee every aspect of the needs of a boat purchase or sale.  You will experience nothing but one on one service with us.  We incorporate an aggressive marketing strategy with all important web locations, email marketing, direct mailing, and are active on social media as well as attending and exhibiting at boat shows. More importantly though you will find us literally “On The Dock” working, playing and serving our customers. If you are looking to sell or thinking of a purchase, it would be a good move for you to check in with us and see what we have to say!

Sincerely, Ted Gates and the crew at On The Dock

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